Access to computers, internet, and printing is available at campus computer labs:

San Gabriel Computer Lab             SG129 (MSWord, MSPowerPoint, Internet, Printing)

San Rafael Computer Lab            SR321  (MSWord, MSPowerPoint, Internet, Printing)

English Computer Lab                        AD238 (MSWord, MSPowerPoint, Internet, Printing)

Students with Disabilities computer lab w/ specialized facilities:

High Tech Center                         SG108



Students with special needs are strongly encouraged to talk with the instructor as soon as possible to arrange for accommodations.  Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities to discuss individual needs for accommodations (San Rafael Bldg, 818-240-1000 ext. 5905,  The High Tech Center provides a computer lab for students with disabilities (SG 108). 



Tutoring for Psy 103 Physio Psych is provided free of charge by one of my best previous students. To get started, get a Learning Center Referral Form from me and take it to the Learning Center (AD 232) to get the tutor's contact info. Arrange a mutually convenient time to meet the tutor at the Learning Center. Remember, there are 120 physio psych students and only one tutor. Don't wait until just before each exam to meet with her; she may have too many appointments already scheduled.

Help with writing is provided through the Learning Center’s Writing Center (AD 232, 818-240-1000 ext. 5333,