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For Fall 2011 semester, we are using a textbook called "Basics of Biopsychology " by Pinel. To save students money, I have ordered the bookstore to stock the looseleaf version (called A-La-Carte version). If you want to get started reading it this summer, you can borrow a copy from the GCC Library Reserve. Just go to the circulation desk. If you are shopping around for the best price, be sure your book has the ISBN 0205592422. You can also find it at

If you prefer the bound, hardcover version (ISBN 0205602398), you can find it at




Upon successful completion of the required course work

-identify the stages in the scientific method as well as the research process used internationally;

-explore ideas regarding the effects of the interplay between genes and environment in influencing behavior (e.g. from individual differences to major neurological and psychiatric disorders);

-compare and differentiate between cortical and subcortical brain structures and functions (i.e. brain anatomy and physiology);

- and explain concepts of sensation, perception, and neuropsychology



I believe that students differ in their learning styles. Therefore I employ multiple approaches to learning (e.g. textual, auditory, video, etc.). Most importantly, this class incorporates an active learning approach, so the format will involve much interactivity among students. There will be frequent small and whole class discussion.



I am frequently asked for letters of recommendation from both current and former students. My policy is that I only write letters of recommendation for students who I have collaborated with and supervised and the student has not just met my expectations, but exceeded them in an extraordinary way. I will approach the student to offer a letter of recommendation. If I haven't offered you a letter, please don't ask.