Mon&Wed Psych 101 9:10 - 10:35AM (Ticket#1682)



For Fall 2011 semester, we are using a textbook called "Psychology 5th edition" by Hockenbury & Hockenbury. To get students a lower price, I have ordered the bookstore to stock the looseleaf version which is much cheaper. If you want to get started reading it this summer, you can borrow a copy from the GCC Library Reserve. Just go to the circulation desk. If you are shopping around for the best price, be sure your book has the ISBN 1429232668. You can also find the looseleaf version at

If you prefer the bound hardcover version, you can find it at



The course includes an exploration of scientific principles, biological basis of behavior, sensation, learning, memory, states of consciousness, personality, drugs of abuse, psychological disorders, and therapy. In taking this class, students will:

1. explain the scientific methods used in psychology;

2. discuss current theories of emotion and motivation;

3. explain types of consciousnes and altered states of consciousness;

4. evaluate the factors in emotion and motivation;

5. define the basis of sensation and perception;

6. define the methods of personality assessment and theories of personality;

7. define individual differences in intelligence and discuss cultural biases in assessing intelligence;

8. identify and define the classifications of abnormal behavior;

9. apply the neurobiological, psychoanalytical, behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic perspectives to modifying and explaining behaviors.



I believe that students differ in their learning styles. Therefore I employ multiple approaches to learning (e.g. textual, auditory, video, etc.) Most importantly, this class incorporates an active learning approach, so the format will involve much interactivity among students. There will be frequent small and whole class discussion.



I am frequently asked for letters of recommendation from both current and former students. My policy is that I only write letters of recommendation for students who I have collaborated with and supervised and the student has not just met my expectations, but exceeded them in an extraordinary way. I will approach the student to offer a letter of recommendation. If I haven't offered you a letter, please don't ask.